Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Work!

More shots of stuff from the upstairs

Paint colors:
This blue is only the first coat. After 3 coats it was much deeper. But now that I have been upstairs, not sure if I want this color... There was one that was almost more of a teal. I think I need to go back and get a sample of that color.
Here are a couple of samples for the bathroom. This pictures is really dark, so it's hard to see.
The one on the left is a very light blue. I like that one the best. The other one looks more baby boy room blue. Not wanting that. (I know in this picture it almost has a grey tone. )
Insulation was goes us: Storage closet is framed:
Stairs to the upper level. I will miss they old stairs. They were longer, almost more of a platform for each step. I will have to remember in the middle of the night when I make my trip to the restroom, not to fall.
This hose sticking out of the ceiling is for the new solor tube. No it won't be hanging in the middle of the bathroom.

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