Monday, November 30, 2009

I said I would do it...

Ok, so I said I would post pictures of the cats. They are not really enjoying being locked up. Today they got to stay in the house.

This is pebbles. She is like a big soft stuffed animal. Loves to have you pet her belly. Only attacks when she is in a playful mood. Hates to be picked up.
See, I said the house has been cold. Oreo will dig to get under the covers if he is really cold
This does not happen all that often. My guess is Oreo was about 2 to 3 minutes away from attacking Pebbles. He will be really sweet to his sister, then he turns around and bites her.

Well No more cat pictures... Will be back to the house pictures as soon as I figure out were I stuck those batteries for the camera!

Framing Continues:

This was taken Thanksgiving weekend. I was very thankful for the tarp, as it was raining when this picture was taken.

This picture was taken from the top of the stairs. Strange seeing the roof like this. I am thinking while this is open, I should clean the outside of the sky light. Won't get another chance like this again.

Framing Begins

The framing begins on the bathroom/closet area.

Here you see the framing for the new outside call.

The new beam went up. The contractor wanted to thank my dad for doing such a good job on building the closet. Took them awhile to take apart the top part.
Another angle of the new beam.

Yes that is my crap in the storage closets.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


More pictures of the remodel.
A bunch of the wood has been brought up. I believe this is for, well ok, I don't know what is for, but I am sure it's for something to put the house back together.

The section of the roof that is being torn off. This is from day one.
The following three pictures are from the inside of the house, the first day of the roof/wall area being torn off.

The following were taken as of last Friday (11/20/09). As you can see the hole in the side of my house is getting bigger. We had some high winds. last week talk about being cold!

Yes, it was raining this day.

You can see into the storage closet here. I put a lot of crap in there.

The next two were taken this morning. (11/24/09)

I am standing on the stairs looking up, as you can see the right side of the roof has been removed up to the middle ridge.
You can see the outside wall of the middle section of the house.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Demo after day 4

I did not post anything for the last couple of days of demo last week. So I am doing that now. There isn't a huge difference, That I can tell. Of course I know a lot was done, I heard all of the pounding. But I don't' know enough about what was in the walls to know what has been taken out. Here are the 4 pictures I took this morning before today's demo started.

The following is looking at what used to be a bathroom. Notice the tub is now missing.
The studs you see for the "low" wall, will be coming out and the new wall will go all the way to the outside of the house, there will be a new dormer so someone taller than 5'2 can use the bathroom.

Looking at the other half bath. The wall between the two bathrooms is completely gone now. The side that had the toilet will become a walk in closet. I am going to paint it hot pink and black. Shh don't tell my sister, as she is painting it, and already complaining that I want the room the bed to be in either a midnight blue, or a cobalt blue, with white trim. When Jen and Fred bought their house, everything was blue. Not her favorite color. But the blue in her house was a tacky blue, so I can see why she hated it. And who knows by the time the room is done, I might have changed my mind again. Yesterday I wanted the front part hot pink and black.
Taken from the front room looking towards the middle room. The electric system on the left was the old alarm.

Looking down the stairs. Wall at the end is still up. Tony is holding off doing the demo on the way, to help keep the dust down on the first floor.

Well that is it for this post. More to come!
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 2 of Demo

Day 2 of demo is now over. (actually day three is going on right above my head...)

Found in the walls above the stairway: Dad put our names and DOB on the wall before closing it up.

Found in the wall of the hall: I think the guys were able to save this wall board. I guess if mom or dad want it, it's there for them.

This was days before my 20th birthday. To be that young again!

hmm, do you think you can tell who John listened to at the age of 10?

Bathroom walls are gone!

The middle section: You can see into the storage closet. Originally they didn't think they would have to do anything here, so I put a lot of my crap in there. All of the furniture. City wants them to insulate that area as well. Will have to figure out what I am going to do about getting the stuff out, and storing it some place.

Middle section, closets are gone. This would be all of the sawing I heard yesterday, when I thought the house was going to fall down on me.

More Tomorrow

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pictures after the first day of demo

The following is after the first day of demo.

Middle room, right side (facing front of house)

Middle room, left side

Hey the insulation still looks pretty good after all of these years (put in, around 1987)

front room of the house. The stain glass panes in the window are sort of dard to see. But John made those after he and a friend broke the window. Those will be taken out and saved for Elyja. (just the stained glass, not the whole window)

Another shot of the front room

More pictures tomorrow!

Before Pictures!

Front of the house. The tree in front is an asian pear tree.

Not able to get a good picture of the back of the house, that little section of roof you see over the neighbors duplex, will have a shed dormer. This is were the bathrooms are.

Gable dormer going on in the front section of the house. The following two pictures are from both the left and right sides of the house. There will be a dormer on both sides. Right now if you are over , oh I would say 5'7, you can only stand in the middle sections of the upstairs.

This picture is from the front the front room looking towards the back of the house.

Front room looking towards the front of the house. This will be were I have my bed, and hoping my dresser. The dresser with the mirror on it is very tall. Hoping will fit after remodel.
The following two pictures are of the right side of the middle room, facing the front of the house. I believe the closet will be taken out.

The next two shots are of the left side of the the middle room. Sky light is the only light in here. I believe the closet is coming out.

The following two shots are of one of the two bathrooms. This one just had the toilet. The sink/vanity was never put in. So you would have to walk around the corner to the other bathroom to use the sink. Once the remodel is done there will only be one bathroom.

The hall looking from the back of the house towards the front
The next two shots are of different angles of the 2nd bathrooms. This side just has the tub, and sink.

Looking down the stairs. Try carring a big box that you can't see over down these stairs!

The landing at the top of the stairs. The window will be replaced.

Looking up the stairs:

The following is the current door way to the upstairs.
The following is the dining room wall. This is were the new door way to the upstairs will be.