Friday, April 9, 2010

Project almost finished

The finish is almost here. The inspector will come this next Monday - April 12. After they sign off, I can then move back upstairs. There will still be some things to do. Some touch up painting. All of the doors and trim need to be painted, but I will get to that over time.

Current pictures:
You can see the new carpet, and the hand rail. (hand rail and post will be painted in a semi-gloss white, along with all of the trim.)

I love the window at the top of the stairs, lets in lots of light.The wall in front looks lavender, but it's not. It's called oyster. and is a very light beige (about the color of a raw oyster :D ). It's the way the light is hitting the wall.
New door for the storage closet. Old door was a bi fold door. This one matches the other doors upstairs. (again the door needs to be painted)
I swear the color is suppose to be purple hollyhock. Maybe if I had done another 2 coats. That is OK, I like the "girly" closet.
This shows the solar tube. You can't tell from the picture. But it lets in a lot of light.

Bathroom solar tube is in!
Bathroom floor
Mirrors are up. The contractor went all over town trying to find mirrors. Originally I just wanted plain with a beveled edge. Since there is so much room in the cabinets, I didn't need a medicine cabinet. We finally found these mirrors with the frame. They work very well.
Another picture of the solar tube, and the shower bar.

Shower pictures

There are still a few little things that need to be done. But I am excited to know I can start moving back upstairs next week!

Friday, April 2, 2010

I have lights, and windows!

I know, way past due on an update. Right now it's a bunch of little things that are being done. The room is about 2 weeks or less from being done. I can't wait to move upstairs. First thing I am going to buy is a big girl mattress! No more twin bed. (with the old stairs, you could not get a box-spring larger than a twin up the stairs.)

The electric is done!:
I just picked out something simple, that did not hang to low. Didn't want any tall people to bump their heads!

Most of the room has the can lights. Only the craft/office area, and closet have flush mount lights
Top of the stairs
Trim is still going in. Lost of angles. Here is some of the trip work. These were the early stages, so not all of it is actually nailed in when the pictures were taken.

All of the windows are now in.
Window at the top of the stairs:

Window at the front of the house:
The trim on this window was still being worked on, when this picture was taken.
Windows from outside of the house:
This is the large window at the top of the stairs.
The dormer on the west side of the house.

Monday, March 1, 2010


So the painting is done. Yes I am still scared of a couple of the rooms. Hopefully when the while molding goes in, they will look more the way I was expecting. (Oh I can say, is what was I thinking)
Dining room: We found enough old paint to match the walls. I know the wall on the left looks lighter, but it's the light from the windows. It does match the right side, I promise!

Yes, there is color on this wall, took a picture lower so you could see the white by the stairs.
Again the walls are painted: I needed it to blend with the downstairs. (I can't wait for the new window to go in, it will be so large)
Color: Oyster (Custom mixed at Miller Paints)
Ok, this was the what was I thinking moment... Looks lighter in this picture, but believe me, it's a dark purple. Color: Royal Jewels (Miller paints)

Another view into the room: In this picture it looks very dark.
Yes, I am still scared of this room. Again, the white molding should help to tone it down.
Color: Lime Sherbet (Miller Paints)
The closet: What can I say, I'm a girl. It actually looks darker than this in person.
Color: Purple Hollyhock (Miller Paints)

The bathroom: Hard to take a picture of, because the solar tube is not all the way in, so the lighting sort of sucks right now: The original color I picked, I decided would fit better in a little girls room. This one has a little more grey in the color. It looks great with the new cabinets. (picture of those will be next time)
Color: Hyacinth Tint (Sherwin- Williams)


The mudding of the walls have been done at this point: I only put up a couple of examples, you see one mudded wall, you've seen them all!

Upstairs front room: still waiting for the window:
New opening for the stairs
Dining room tented for the work on the downstairs wall:

Changes from the Outside

Changes to the outside:
The windows have gone in: West side of the house

East side - hard to see the dormer behind the neighbors tree -
The shed dormer where the bathroom and closet are: Hopefully the siding will be going back up soon.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Drywall is now up. Still to do the taping and mudding.
This is the landing at the top of the stairs. (Windows should go in this week)

Stairs and the back of the new closet:
Bathroom: Shower wall
Wall that will hold the vanity:

Closet ceiling, showing placement of the solor tube:

New closet: will have shelfs, and no door. So I guess it's really just going to be built in shelves. Which I like.

Middle room, west side of the house. The skylight was already here. I am thinking a great place for a work table. (this is the section that will hold all of my craft/sewing stuff)

Middle room, east side of the house. This will be my desk area.

Room at the front of the house (southside) looking towards the back. This is the area I was thinking of painting supper dark. But now that I have been up there. I am not so sure.

New dormer on the east side.
From the entry into the front room. I like the toilet in the middle of the room...
I should be able to take pictures this weekend. The windows should be in.