Monday, March 1, 2010


So the painting is done. Yes I am still scared of a couple of the rooms. Hopefully when the while molding goes in, they will look more the way I was expecting. (Oh I can say, is what was I thinking)
Dining room: We found enough old paint to match the walls. I know the wall on the left looks lighter, but it's the light from the windows. It does match the right side, I promise!

Yes, there is color on this wall, took a picture lower so you could see the white by the stairs.
Again the walls are painted: I needed it to blend with the downstairs. (I can't wait for the new window to go in, it will be so large)
Color: Oyster (Custom mixed at Miller Paints)
Ok, this was the what was I thinking moment... Looks lighter in this picture, but believe me, it's a dark purple. Color: Royal Jewels (Miller paints)

Another view into the room: In this picture it looks very dark.
Yes, I am still scared of this room. Again, the white molding should help to tone it down.
Color: Lime Sherbet (Miller Paints)
The closet: What can I say, I'm a girl. It actually looks darker than this in person.
Color: Purple Hollyhock (Miller Paints)

The bathroom: Hard to take a picture of, because the solar tube is not all the way in, so the lighting sort of sucks right now: The original color I picked, I decided would fit better in a little girls room. This one has a little more grey in the color. It looks great with the new cabinets. (picture of those will be next time)
Color: Hyacinth Tint (Sherwin- Williams)

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