Friday, April 2, 2010

I have lights, and windows!

I know, way past due on an update. Right now it's a bunch of little things that are being done. The room is about 2 weeks or less from being done. I can't wait to move upstairs. First thing I am going to buy is a big girl mattress! No more twin bed. (with the old stairs, you could not get a box-spring larger than a twin up the stairs.)

The electric is done!:
I just picked out something simple, that did not hang to low. Didn't want any tall people to bump their heads!

Most of the room has the can lights. Only the craft/office area, and closet have flush mount lights
Top of the stairs
Trim is still going in. Lost of angles. Here is some of the trip work. These were the early stages, so not all of it is actually nailed in when the pictures were taken.

All of the windows are now in.
Window at the top of the stairs:

Window at the front of the house:
The trim on this window was still being worked on, when this picture was taken.
Windows from outside of the house:
This is the large window at the top of the stairs.
The dormer on the west side of the house.

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