Friday, April 9, 2010

Project almost finished

The finish is almost here. The inspector will come this next Monday - April 12. After they sign off, I can then move back upstairs. There will still be some things to do. Some touch up painting. All of the doors and trim need to be painted, but I will get to that over time.

Current pictures:
You can see the new carpet, and the hand rail. (hand rail and post will be painted in a semi-gloss white, along with all of the trim.)

I love the window at the top of the stairs, lets in lots of light.The wall in front looks lavender, but it's not. It's called oyster. and is a very light beige (about the color of a raw oyster :D ). It's the way the light is hitting the wall.
New door for the storage closet. Old door was a bi fold door. This one matches the other doors upstairs. (again the door needs to be painted)
I swear the color is suppose to be purple hollyhock. Maybe if I had done another 2 coats. That is OK, I like the "girly" closet.
This shows the solar tube. You can't tell from the picture. But it lets in a lot of light.

Bathroom solar tube is in!
Bathroom floor
Mirrors are up. The contractor went all over town trying to find mirrors. Originally I just wanted plain with a beveled edge. Since there is so much room in the cabinets, I didn't need a medicine cabinet. We finally found these mirrors with the frame. They work very well.
Another picture of the solar tube, and the shower bar.

Shower pictures

There are still a few little things that need to be done. But I am excited to know I can start moving back upstairs next week!


  1. Wow what a project! Time for an update! :)~


  2. Very impressive what you've done to your house. I love the colors you picked and the solar tubes, never saw anything like that before, what a great idea.

    Good luck in getting it all finished, you are very talented.